Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!!!

All 3 of the Smiths have just celebrated Birthdays! Mine was March 2nd, David's was the 3rd, and yesterday, the 12th, was Hayden's 10 month Birthday!

For my Birthday, mom surprised me and came with Hayley to Ft. Worth to spend the day with me! We met David at the usual, The Purple Cow. Then GiGi, Hayley, the babies, and I went to the Hulen Mall. GiGi bought the babies' Easter outfits, we had adventures with strollers on the escalator, spilled a Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie in Macy's (Hayley), and for the most part had 2 happy babies all day. Thank you GiGi and Auntsistermom Hayley!

I found a new way to keep Hayden happy at Target! He loves to sit, crawl around, play, and stand up in the cart instead of sitting up front. So cute.

Wednesday, March 4th, I took Hayden to a playground for the first time. It's in our neighborhood and it's really pretty. The weather was perfect and the sun was going down. I put him in his very first swing and he loved it! At first he was laughing hysterically, then he just smiled and looked around. He got very still and relaxed and after about 10 minutes of swinging, he fell asleep!

I just kept swinging him. He probably slept for 15 minutes! Daddy met us when he got off work. Hayden tried the slide and the jumpy horse, but his passion is for the swings!

We drove to Abilene Friday night and had dinner and birthday cake with my family on Saturday.
Sunday we had lunch and presents with Juney Babe, Paul, Grandmommy, Aunt Peggy, and Uncle Gary!

My baby brother, Michael Andrew.

Awkward prom picture.

GiGi giving the babies their first piano lesson.

Hayden now has 8 teeth and is so close to walking! I bought him a walking toy that he walks with and he will walk with us if we hold is hand. This is a video of him walking with his toy. It's short because like I said in a previous blog, the babies are always crawling towards the camera!