Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New mode of transportation = WALKING!!!

Hayden took his first step, or atleast the first step I saw him take, on March 19th. He was exactly 10 months and 1 week old. He began taking little steps here and there when he wasn't paying attention. If we sat down on the floor we could get him to walk to us. As of this Tuesday, April 21st, at 11 months, 1 week, and 4 days old, Hayden has chosen walking as his new mode of transportation! He is still a little wobbly and kinda walks like Frankenbaby, but he is a walkin man, or baby! If he is in a hurry, he will revert back to speed crawling, and this is the reason I don't have a video of him walking! Everytime I try, he spots the camera, falls to his knees, and starts speed crawling towards his favorite toy only because he is not allowed to play with it! I will keep trying to get a video so I can put it on here.

Ok, I have some beef with Mr. Blog, or whoever started up this blogging thing. One would think that your pictures would be in the order that you downloaded them, now wouldn't one? Apparently Mr. Blog, or Miss Blog, decided to make it much more difficult, and after 7 blogs I still can't get it right! Of course, this could just be me! The pictures are kind of mixed up, but for the most part they are in order of most recent to oldest.

David, Hayden, and I went over to Mark and Michelle's house Sunday night for dinner. Michelle made Taco Salad for us. Hayden loves playing with his cousins, Makenna and Micah.

These 2 pictures of the babies passed out were taken after GiGi and Papa took us to the Botanic Gardens the Saturday before Easter. They played so hard that within minutes of getting them in the car they both fell asleep!

We found a shady spot underneath some trees and put down a blanket to sit on. We brought snacks for babies and snacks for grown-ups (notice the bag of Oreo's)! The babies loved just crawling around and playing in the grass. It was probably 73 degrees with a breeze, perfect.

This picture was taken mid-August, when the babies were 3 months old.

This picture was taken 8 months later in the same spot. It was taken before we went to the Botanic Gardens.

Hayley, mom, and I threw Brittny a baby shower the same weekend that she threw our baby shower a year ago! Baby Lilly is due May 17th.

Hiding behind The Belly.

During the baby shower, Papa took Hayden outside and walked around with him. He ended up falling asleep and taking a nap while Papa continued walking with him.

A couple of weeks ago Hayden and I went over to Mark and Michelle's house to see Neeny and Poppa for the afternoon. When they left, we took the kiddos to the park right across the street. There is only one bucket swing, so we put Micah and Hayden in it together! They both love swinging.

I still think they look so much alike!

Neeny, Poppa, and Haydey.

Aunt Michelle tickling Hayden.

Micah Brian Smith

The kiddos playing together. They were having so much fun!

Harpey's Anna Jean Wolfe Creel smile.

Swingin together at the park.

This is my favorite picture. Hayden gets so excited when I turn on the bath water. He starts dancing around and stands on his tippy toes to try and climb in the bathtub. It is the cutest thing.

This is a video of Makenna and Hayden playing. She was kicking a big blow-up dolphin around her room, and for some reason, Hayden thought it was hilarious! I love it when he laughs!