Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smith Summer Staycation

In June, Tom, Marilyn, and Paul came to Ft. Worth and the Smith family spent the weekend together. Friday morning we went to the Zoo. I took my camera but forgot I left the battery at home charging, so I don't have any pictures from the first part of the day. The zoo was hot, but we had fun. Micah was so good, he just snoozed and hung out in his stroller! Hayden got sick of being held, as always, and just wanted to walk around. After the zoo, we had a quick bite to eat at The Purple Cow before heading to the Omni. It felt so good to be in air-conditioning! Hayden slept on me the whole movie. We all took a break after the movie to let the babies nap, and then went to dinner at Joe T. Garcia's.

Neeny and her grandbabies.

The 4 Smith boys: Tom, David, Paul, and Mark.

The kiddos playin after dinner.

Sunday afternoon, Neeny took us all to my favorite place in the whole world, the Ballpark. We had great seats in the shade.

Hayden loves his Makenna. She is so sweet and good with him.

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  1. Little Hayden looks like he adores his Makenna! I know they are gonna have lots of fun times together! Families are such blessings.